Celebrating a little over two years since the incident involving my A380 flight with Qantas to Sydney, Mayday / Air Crash Investigation has published their last episode of the season, highlighting the accident:

I chose not to get involved in this one. As much as I like Mayday’s shows in general, I think ABC’s Four Corners had a better, more factual and well rounded report (which I did choose to get involved with a little).

San Francisco Without People

October 19th, 2012

Good old San Francisco. See you again in 2013. The circle closes.

2012 – a new year, a new me

January 18th, 2012

2012 is upon us. A new year gives us the chance to reflect and the chance to look forward. I feel like it’s right about the time to do both. In 2011 I moved back to Los Angeles from Singapore. Nine months into the journey it’s time to reflect and see if the decision was right, if the place was right and if the time was right.

Let’s just say, I do see myself back in Singapore this year. Back with my friends. And do something… well… completely different.

Stay tuned.

Someone posted ABC Four Corner’s great documentation about last year’s Qantas QF32 incident on my flight from Singapore to… well… Singapore on Youtube. Check out the video below. I was part of the documentation in several small segments throughout the show.

And here are some pictures of the ABC Four Corners Team filming in my apartment in Singapore:

World traveler once more

April 1st, 2011

The world is a small place. I grew up in Europe, studied and worked in America and now lived and worked over the last year and a bit here in South East Asia. It’s been a rewarding and eye-opening experience that I don’t want to miss. I do know that I will miss my wonderful friends here though that I was fortunate to meet!

But now it’s time to get back on the moving wagon and head to where my heart is – California. In mid May I’ll be joining a Los Angeles-based gaming platform startup as their Head of Mobile. Exciting times! I’m very much looking forward to be able to catch up with everyone in California again soon.

Thankfully I landed safely after a bad engine incident on my A380 Qantas flight QF32 from Singapore to Sydney.

Here is me talking to CNN right after arriving at Singapore Changi:

And here to CBS News right thereafter:

Followed by NBC:

Here are a few impressions from the incident:

And here is the scary sight that I saw when looking out my window:

Myself with French voice-over:

And apparently there’s already an internet meme on my twitter posts:
Tweets inspired by @Ulfw’s two-tweet account of Airbus A380 engine failure
How ‘woots’ turned to ‘damn’

My sincerest thank you goes to Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny and his crew of our Qantas QF32 flight for bringing us home safe and sound!

[Update 1: Added CNN and CBS links]
[Update 2: Added pictures]
[Update 3: Added WaPo meme]
[Update 4: Added Richard Champion de Crespigny acknowledgment]

Garena is launching an exciting new game in a few months and for part of the announcement I was interviewed by Tencent, the producer of QQ Speed:


And here is thirty-four more websites that featured it:





















Update 2: New article on QQ and 30+ other blogs. This time on WCG Asia. Features a photo of me playing Go Kart / QQ Speed: http://games.qq.com/a/20100719/000142_1.htm

Singapore – here I come

February 24th, 2010

I guess the best way to describe what I’ll be doing starting next month is from Tim‘s really nice article on Trendslate:

Former MySpace Director Ulf Waschbusch Becomes Chief Product Officer at Gaming Startup ‘Garena’
Submitted by Tim Schulz on February 24, 2010

Ulf Waschbursch, a former Director of Product at MySpace Mobile will be joining Singapore-based gaming startup Garena as Chief Product Officer in March. Prior to joining Myspace, Ulf was a Product Marketing Manager in Google’s mobile-product division after graduating from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB).

Garena Software is a gaming-platform company that was founded by another Standford GSB graduate and has grown to over 25-million registered users across 200 countries — making Garena one of the largest international-gaming communities in the world. The company has a strong foothold in cybercafes across Asia, Europe and South America, and they’re beginning to move up the value chain by partnering with companies like MTV to build rich entertainment experiences for users. As Chief Product Officer, Ulf will be based in Singapore and will be responsible for extending the product into new feature areas and countries.

Based on what we see from the company’s worldwide user distribution map, it looks like he’ll be earning quite a few frequent-flier miles. Best of luck to you Ulf!

More about the company here.

Update: More recent mentions:
Techcrunch – MySpace Lost Faith For All Things Mobile
e27 – Former Director of MySpace Mobile Joining Garena as Chief Product Officer

Top 25 songs of 2009

January 8th, 2010

Awesome mashup of the top songs of last year.

He’s gonna be a great artist when he grows up. ;)