2007. The first time I signed up for a twitter account.
2007. The first time I stopped using/de-registered my account.
fast forward to
2009. Twitter is exploding and usage and is becoming so much more useful. Lots of my friends are on it and updating your twitter status is as easy as possible.

It took me a while to become a real fan of twitter. I tried it real early when it came out, played with it again when I was working at Google and doing the communication piece for Google’s acquisition of Jaiku. Surprisingly they didn’t build the service out and now made the Jaiku platform open source.

Now that I am using twitter again, I’ve grown a bit frustrated with the reliability of the service. Now, a fast growing service does have scalability pains. I realize that. But these outages and problems have been there for years. How come that can’t be under control?

Well – I hope they will make the service more stable going forward. I for one can’t see any of my friends’ tweets for over a week now. twitter.com/public_timeline works, but twitter.com/home doesn’t, nor do any third party clients. I can update tweets, but just not follow any friends. At least they know about the problem (and are hopefully!) working on a fix.

Oh and while you’re at it – follow me on twitter.

Update: Seems like I’m not the only one with that (and other) problems on twitter right now.
Update2: Over a week later, Twitter is finally aknowledging the problem and working on a fix. Woohoo.
Update3: Problem got fixed. Woohoo. Took a while and I hope it’ll stay up for a while 😉

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