The new Palm pré

January 8th, 2009

Wow – is all I can say about the release of Palm’s new pre smartphone. So far (having not personally played with it yet) I love the UI (as I’ve seen from reports and pictures/screen grabs) and think the device does look pretty nice. Not Apple nice, but nice.

I have to admit I really thought Palm would not be able to pull this off after years and years of out-of-date offerings.
Now – will this save the company? Or will it be too late? – I don’t know. But they do have a shot! A real good shot!

It seems that US carriers are aligning themself with their unique high-end touch device:

at&t – the iPhone carrier
Verizon – the BlackBerry Storm carrier
T-Mobile – the HTC G1 carrier
Sprint – the Palm pre carrier

Frankly – out of those, I don’t think Palm/Sprint got the worst deal. Sprint will make sure to market the hell out of the device and if it’s priced right, they might have a killer offering for once. It will be interesting what strategy wins at the end:
– the integrated approach with beautiful hardware/software in one hand (iPhone/Palm)
– the open approach with hardware/software from different sources (WinMo, Android, Symbian)

For now, I for one welcome our new Palm overlords! Competition never hurts.


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