MySpace for Android launched!

October 21st, 2008


To welcome the Android platform, I am happy to announce that we launched MySpace for Android today – the first social networking application to hit the Android platform and the T-Mobile G1. More than two million daily unique users visit MySpaces mobile website, and according to ABI Research 70 percent of people who use social networks on mobile have visited MySpace.

– Instant photo uploading from an Android device to a MySpace profile
– Check out tour schedules on band profiles
– View and comment on photos, profiles, and bulletins
– Search and add new friends
– Send and read messages
– Update and view mood and status
– Integrated with Shazam for Android. Just tag a song via Shazam and befriend a band at MySpace

Besides, we now have developed native applications for Android, Sidekick, iPhone, and soon Blackberry.

Just go and grab a copy from the Android Market!


So funny…

And the sad original:


This for me is tech journalism gone horribly wrong.

I’m now being portrayed as the ‘Anti-Googler’, the disgruntled ex employee who isn’t loyal to his former employer. Fact is that my little intro-post of my personal opinions on Android was taken completely out of context and without waiting for the announced series of posts to start.

All I did was merely critique the look of the G1 device. Which I stand behind. I am sorry, but I think it’s dated. I was not talking about the hardware being crap (in fact many things are better than in an iPhone e.g. the autofocus 3MP camera or a removable battery or a full size keyboard) nor did I say a word about the Android OS being bad in any way (which it isn’t). Fact is: I wanted to write POSITIVE posts about the OS – which is developed by Google and has made GREAT advances over the years. I wanted to write about the advantages of an OPEN OS where anyone can build applications for.

I know many of the people on the Android and Google Mobile teams, who’s work I highly respected and still do. I feel sorry that I am now portrayed as a disgruntled ex-Googler, which is far from the truth. I will stop voicing my opinion (positive or negative) on this going forward because I learned my lesson that you can very quickly be singled out by the valley’s main stream media. Which is weird because there were articles in very significant blogs, such as Gizmodo which have a 10x more negative view on things but weren’t highlighted as much. Fact is: I have been and still am a big fan of Google. Why else would I have decided to work there so long?
Fact is also: I do believe Android has a future ahead of it that’s bright and has the potential to become a major player in the market space. The G1 is just the first of many devices.

Wasilla City Hall

September 7th, 2008

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Gizmodo today showed a copy of Verizon’s cheat sheet for retail employees trying to convince potential and existing customers to go with Verizon vs. getting the at&t iPhone “3”G. I don’t think there is any device out there I’d rather have than the iPhone (especially among Verizon’s range of devices), but I have to admit… they aren’t exactly wrong about anything they say:


Yes. It is all true. The numerous reports you were able to read on the web:
iPhone 3G signal and reception complaints pour in
iPhone 3G: What’s the frequency?
Some Customers with iPhone 3G Connection Issues
iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You’re Not Alone – Continued
3G iPhone Signal Problems…Post Here!
– or just do a Google search.

I really TRIED to like my white 16GB iPhone 3G, but I just couldn’t. The phone is completely incapable of doing a 3G->2G handover, resulting in 1 to 0 bar coverage and subsequent call drops or ‘No Service’ notifiers. Never in my life had I seen more ‘Call failed’ or ‘No Service’ notifications on any phone (even back in the day on my Ericsson T28 nearly a decade ago).
At home? No possibility to hold or make a call reliably. 0-1 bars reception. No 2G fallback.
At work? No reception.
On the 5 mile stretch to work? Reception, but 2-3 times the call is dropped.
Essentially I had a phone with ‘no bars in more places‘.

Also when the phone was on 3G it barely even lasted till the afternoon, let alone a full day. If there ever was reception, download speeds were barely twice that of EDGE. Most of the time they were pretty much the same.
So I ended up having 3G deactivated the lasts two weeks. Now that I was nearing my 30-day return window, I did the only sensible thing I could do and returned my 3G. This in itself was a horrible multi-hour experience at The Grove Apple store in LA and subsequently the at&t store on Beverly and things are still not worked out right (e.g. they haven’t reverted my 2-year contract extension, even though they should). AT&T says I need proof I returned the phone to Apple. Apple says there is nothing they can do. Their system should automatically do it. So now I’m on a 2-year extension without getting a cheaper or free phone. Just to show my love to ma’bell at&t.
Speculation is running wild on whether it is at&t’s bad network (though other 3G devices allegedly work well), Apple’s secrecy behind developing the phone and thus limited testing or Infineon’s 3G chipset.


Update September 27: With firmware 2.1 a lot of those problems went away. I now have a black 16GB iPhone 3G from work (I have returned my personal one last month) and while I still have reception issues, it’s not ‘as bad’ as it was before. Sadly in my apartment reception still jumps from 0-1 bar of 3G to 5 bars of 2G which still results in call drops from time to time.

Hi guys,
I’m looking to grow my team and hire a new Product Manager, Mobile for MySpace in Beverly Hills, CA. If you know about good candidates, feel free to reach out to our recruiter Cari Gilbert.

– Invent or enhance new mobile products and features to improve user experience and promote inter-site interaction.
– Write concise functional requirements for each new product or existing product enhancements, including business justification and operational impact.
– Create preliminary design concepts and mock-ups.
– Lead the relevant teams to efficiently implement and rollout each product or enhancement.
– Work with business and marketing teams to find the best way to monetize and promote new products and features.

– Internet or mobile product design or product management experience.
– Experience with and deep knowledge of the mobile industry and landscape
– Exceptional interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate with both technical and business experts across multiple parts of the organization.
– Experience managing simultaneous projects and demonstrated team leadership abilities in a fast-paced environment.
– Proven ability to manage direct and indirect teams
– Ability to balance technical and business issues
– Strong organizational skills.

Maybe it’s just me and no one else has a problem with this. But apparently it is a fact that I am too stupid to read CAPTCHAs like this and type it right:

Whenever one of these dreadful things shows up on a website (e.g. to add a user on MySpace or change your user info on Yahoo! or change your password on Google etc.) I have to give to between two and three tries on average before I get to the next screen. No matter how thoroughly I try to read them for some reason I always get the wrong at first.

I mean, come on. What do these really mean?

Coincidence AGAIN??

July 17th, 2008

Last time I came back from my (one and only) vacation I took during my Google days, the stock jumped 21% the day I came back.
Now that I’ve left the company, the stock is going nowhere but down after not as high-as-expected Q2 earnings announcements.

Coincidence? 😉