Useless. Really useless. Whoever followed my previous posts about getting Cable or DSL Internet at various places throughout California (Mountain View, San Mateo, Los Angeles, Santa Monica) knows that the US is nearly dead-last when it comes to providing quality of service for connecting to the intertubes. With the exception of Comcast in San Mateo, I NEVER had speedy or properly working service (which includes Comcast in Mountain View).
Strange how my mom has been getting a reliable (!) 16Mbit ADSL2+ connection in our little village in the middle of nowhere on the German-French border for more than 5 years now…

Here is my latest futile attempt to get online:

Time Warner Cable
Price point: $57.95 per month + $20 sign-up cost. Useless. Completely useless. Alleged connection speed: 10 MBit/sec. It’s Sunday morning. There is barely anyone else online.

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