So I heard there’s a new iPhone coming. I wonder if that’s true. People are mentioning things like GGG and Gee Pee Ess etc. No idea what they’ve been smoking.
Anyways – I feel like I’ll be camping out again on July 11th. Even though I have to say Video iChat and a 3+ MP camera would have been nice. Oh well. iPhone 3.0 here we come…

One thing to mention though: the ‘cheap’ price of $199 for the 8GB model is a lie. Don’t be fooled.
Fact is: AT&T is raising data prices by $10 a month or 24x$10 = $240 over the course of the 2yr (mandatory) contract, thus increasing the total price for the phone to $439 (vs. $399 for the current model). Weird how Steve Jobs completely forgot to mention that…
Update 2: at&t is going more and more ridiculous. So – SMS are NOT included anymore either (used to be 200 SMS included), making a $5 SMS plan necessary and driving up monthly cost for the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 3G to now $15/month extra = $360 over the contract term. Thus the new ‘cheaper’ iPhone is estimated to cost a total of $559 vs. $399 for the older ‘more expensive’ iPhone.

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