Today we launched a mobile tricks campaign, where Googlers and everyone else alike is sharing a few (quirky) tricks and tips what they can do with their mobile phone.

I felt compelled to volunteer two of my own. The way those came together were pretty much:
Effie: Ulf, I need you to do at least two videos.
Ulf: Hm ok. No idea. When do you need them?
Effie: Can you come down NOW please?
Ulf: Er… hm.. ok…

Frankly I couldn’t come up with something valuable yet funny on the spot, so I just went with two time wasters.

Mobile Messenger:

I love Pandas:

2 responses to “Google Mobile Tricks campaign”

  1. Effie comments:

    To be fair, watching sneezing pandas is a very good use of your time. I find it useful…

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