Okay okay – so first I loved the Air when it came out at Macworld this January.
Then, rationality kicked in and I cancelled my order – realizing that it’s just not enough ‘machine’ for what I do.
So what happened now?
Well, the biggest drawback I saw with the Air was it’s disk space. 80GBs just can’t fit all the data I have. No way. Hm – well, at least that used to be the case.
When a recent backup-attempt-gone-horribly-wrong actually deleted most of my data (instead of appending updates I made), I was left with just my pictures and text documents. Videos, 30GB of music, lots of other files – all gone.

So – horray. No 80GB is suddenly enough again!

Truthfully though, I am happy I got the machine. I was seriously considering getting a black Macbook instead as it is 50% faster, can have 6x the storage capacity and twice the RAM. But at the end of the day the GORGEOUS LED display and the way the Air is constructed won me over. It truly is an outstanding machine that can only be enjoyed when seen and used in person.

Anyways, here are the must-have unpacking pics. This is the smallest box I ever had the privilege of unwrapping a computer from.


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