No more iPhone(s)?

May 11th, 2008

As pretty much everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting of the long anticipated iPhone. Many people say it will happen roughly the same time as the original introduction of the iPhone last year.
Now the internet community is seeing several reports of the (current) iPhone being sold-out in the UK at O2 and now in the Apple stores online and offline in the UK and the US, with at&t inventory going down (and T-Mobile/Orange in Germany/France never having much inventory to begin with). Now to me that begs the question: WHAT is going on at Apple? Terrible inventory management? iPhone 3G coming out before WWDC? (If so, why? And how? As Firmware 2.0 is not ready yet.) Very strange Sales/Marketing tactic? (No sales for 1.5 months??).
Weirdly enough – all those seem unlikely. As usual Apple is being able to stir a lot of interest and anticipation. Who knows what’s about to come, when.


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