hulu is number 1

May 28th, 2008

I’ve been a big fan of hulu, NBC Universal and Fox’s joint venture premium video content side since it’s beta launch in late October last year. Now PC World magazine has already rated it as the number 1 of this year’s “The 100 Best Products of 2008“.
Not only can you watch TV episodes, clips and movies on the side, but you can also embed your favorite clips, like this:

Yoko Shimomura – Somnus

May 25th, 2008

Kind of a random post. But these are tumultuous times lately. And for me this song is great for calming me own lately. It’s the main theme for Final Fantasy XIII by Japanese composer Yoko Shimomura. A friend played it for me the first time in Los Angeles this weekend and I must say it really impressed me.

PS: Oh and in the series ‘Ulf is traveling to LA and sees someone he knows from TV’, this time it’s Tim Speedle from CSI Miami (real name Rory Cochrane) who was buying a pair of Seven Jeans when I was in the store in West Hollywood buying myself a pair.

Colored balloons

May 22nd, 2008

So it was colored balloons day at Google and I couldn’t resist having my iPhone-picture taken.
Et voila – here it goes:

I wish everyone a great long weekend!

No more iPhone(s)?

May 11th, 2008

As pretty much everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting of the long anticipated iPhone. Many people say it will happen roughly the same time as the original introduction of the iPhone last year.
Now the internet community is seeing several reports of the (current) iPhone being sold-out in the UK at O2 and now in the Apple stores online and offline in the UK and the US, with at&t inventory going down (and T-Mobile/Orange in Germany/France never having much inventory to begin with). Now to me that begs the question: WHAT is going on at Apple? Terrible inventory management? iPhone 3G coming out before WWDC? (If so, why? And how? As Firmware 2.0 is not ready yet.) Very strange Sales/Marketing tactic? (No sales for 1.5 months??).
Weirdly enough – all those seem unlikely. As usual Apple is being able to stir a lot of interest and anticipation. Who knows what’s about to come, when.


Okay and I thought I was crazy. Apparently there are a lot more crazy people out there who are tracking the long voyage of our BMWs from Bremerhaven all the way to Port Hueneme, CA on board of Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s Pacific Breeze.

Here is a video of her going through the Miraflores locks on the Pacific terminus of the canal:

This will give you an idea of the stages of progression from entering the canal through the Gatun locks and Lake Gatun all the way out to the Pacific ocean through the Miraflores locks:

And here are a few pictures at various stages of the route:
Gatun locks near the Atlantic entrance of the canal

Passing through Centennial Bridge

Exiting Miraflores locks towards the Pacific Ocean

Okay okay – so first I loved the Air when it came out at Macworld this January.
Then, rationality kicked in and I cancelled my order – realizing that it’s just not enough ‘machine’ for what I do.
So what happened now?
Well, the biggest drawback I saw with the Air was it’s disk space. 80GBs just can’t fit all the data I have. No way. Hm – well, at least that used to be the case.
When a recent backup-attempt-gone-horribly-wrong actually deleted most of my data (instead of appending updates I made), I was left with just my pictures and text documents. Videos, 30GB of music, lots of other files – all gone.

So – horray. No 80GB is suddenly enough again!

Truthfully though, I am happy I got the machine. I was seriously considering getting a black Macbook instead as it is 50% faster, can have 6x the storage capacity and twice the RAM. But at the end of the day the GORGEOUS LED display and the way the Air is constructed won me over. It truly is an outstanding machine that can only be enjoyed when seen and used in person.

Anyways, here are the must-have unpacking pics. This is the smallest box I ever had the privilege of unwrapping a computer from.


Now if THAT doesn’t make you want to use public transportation, then I don’t know.
Something to look forward to, in times of rising fuel prices. Here is a small collection of train riding experiences from around the globe:

Trains in China

Trains in Tokyo

Trains in India

Trains in Bangladesh

Trains in Melbourne

Trains in London

Trains in New York City

and of course, let’s not forget the awesomeness of Thai transportation reported earlier.

Today we launched several international versions of our Google products for the iPhone and a new News interface – and I was asked to write a Google Mobile blog article about it. My first one on the official blog.
See the blog entry here (or read below).

Google on the iPhone makes News, goes around the world and to your Apps domain

Posted by Ulf Waschbusch, Product Marketing Manager, Google mobile team

Google fürs iPhone jetzt auch in deutsch! Et en français .. en in Nederlands and in many more languages. When we launched our new Google interface for the iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco last January, a number of you approached us at our booth and asked when you could use our new interface in your home country. (Yes, San Francisco IS a very cosmopolitan city.) I am happy to say: the time has come. Today we’re launching our new integrated Google experience for the iPhone and iPod Touch in 33 new markets and 16 new languages, from Argentina to New Zealand, from Swedish to Chinese.

Google on the iPhone is a great way to access your most used Google services. Some of its benefits include
– Fast and fluid search with one-tap access to News, image, local, or web results and search query suggestions when you start typing.
– Automatic delivery of Gmail messages (no need to refresh your browser!), and auto-completion of email addresses when typing
– A combined month-and-current-day view of your always-in-sync Google Calendar, and the ability to share pictures with friends and family using Google Photos

Today we’re also launching a special Google News edition for the iPhone. Browse the front page or search for results straight from the home page. Enjoy the full catalog of Google News sources and even watch associated YouTube content.

To try out the new Google interface, just point your iPhone or iPod Touch web browser to

Furthermore, if you use Google Apps – now is the time to use your domain name on the iPhone as well. Just bookmark for fast one-click access to Google. Please make sure to replace YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain name.