Now I am all about addressing issues at the root of a problem. If there’s something wrong, let’s try to figure out what it is and solve the problem. Yet what happened this morning I would say was a little… let’s say… over the top.

So we were in our Mobile All-Hands meeting. Packed in a small open tech talk area about 100 or so people listened to what new things our teams around the world came up with. When our VP gave an update, someone who was not even part of the meeting came by and loudly interrupted.
Standing right in front of the projection screens he addressed the audience and uttered his dismay about how hard it is for him to …

… reach the bathrooms(!) as we were apparently blocking the walkthroughs.

Now here are a few alternative options he could have pursued instead:
– Use the bathroom on the lower floor
– Walk past the bystanders, excusing himself and making it through quickly and nearly effortlessly
– Wait 5 minutes

All valid options I would say, but he instead chose the most natural way and addressed the public with his issues. Democracy at it’s best I guess.
The fun thing is that he didn’t want to let go and started arguing about the whole thing. Aw… engineers.. you just gotta love them.

One response to “Addressing pressing issues at its core”

  1. Chris comments:

    Highlight of my week! It was like watching one big train wreck in slow-mo, where the train decided to back up and wreck itself over and over again in front of several offices over VC. Love it.

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