We all struggle with this: childproof medicine bottles, ointments or other containers that us grown-ups struggle with opening, while most kids can do it in seconds. This is supposed to keep kids away, but actually keeps mostly adults away.
Now, a second trend is to make everything as simple as possible. Idiot-proof is the concept. Sadly it’s similar to the example above: the only people who this helps is, well, idiots. My current car is the prime example for it. It beeps whenever anything happens. Open the door while your belt is off: beeps. Open the door while the light is on: beeps. Do anything out of the ordinary: it beeps.
I have become so accustomed to the constant let’s-warn-the-idiots-beeping that I don’t react to it AT ALL anymore. Sadly this led now to me leaving my light on for the second time in three months, thereby completely draining my car’s battery. The warning ‘light is on’ beep was supposed to prevent that from happening.
The moral is: let’s not try to cover ‘all bases’. Why my car beeps whenever I open the door (for any reason) is beyond me. Sadly this led to me not reacting to the (in this case meaningful) warning anymore.


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