BMW European Delivery

March 29th, 2008

T-2 days till I’m boarding LH459 on route to Munich, Germany where on Wednesday next week I’ll be picking up my new car! After looking at lots of different models (all the way from Infiniti G and EX over the VW Eos, the gorgeous Audi A5, BMW 328 Coupe, Mercedes SLK, you nameit) I finally settled with my first (hardtop) convertible. The BMW328i SULEV Convertible. Now now I know.. urgh.. everyone drives a Bimmer (particularly in California), so why on Earth did you pick that?
Well for one it actually is a really great car. And for more.. it’s the only one that offered the variety of a hardtop convertible with all the technical gizmos like ComfortAccess, iDrive and whatnot with reasonable lease rates. And if you think BMW dealers are bad, good luck talking to Audi here in the Bay Area. One South Bay dealer told me he doesn’t know when if ever they get A5s in, even if I’m willing to put an order in right now. The other East Bay dealer didn’t bother giving me any price quotes even after several emails where exchanged. But thankfully he put me on his spam list, so that now I get stupid ‘special lease deal offers on A4s in stock’. Really valuable. Thanks again.

Anyway, as part of the European Delivery program, I’ll pick up my car in Munich, drive it for about a week or so and then drop it off near Frankfurt (to have it trucked to Bremerhaven and ultimately shipped all the way through the Panama canal to California). Believe it or not, but it is actually cheaper to buy a car this way than ordering it directly from the dealer. More info on the program here. After that I’ll have another 1.5 or so well earned vacation days – as a matter of fact the first ones since I joined Google over 1.5 years ago. Yes. I was THAT busy. I’m definitely looking forward to having a break, eating mom’s cooked food and maybe driving down through the Alps to Rome (with stops in Lucern, Milano, Florence…). Not sure if that’ll happen yet, but right now that’s the plan. So – expect to see more photos and infos on here soon.


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