So I was in LA again this weekend to congratulate my old Berkeley roomate James (called Jamie) and attend his wedding with his beautiful wife Azadeh. Now this Sunday WAS Oscar season and thus Hollywood was closed in about an 8 block radius. Sadly I didn’t see any stars.

To my surprise though, when I went on a brief trip down to San Diego on Saturday on the table next to me Jamie Alexander (Jesse from Kyle XY) had lunch with a friend. Sorry for the bad pictures, but she IS actually really beautiful in person. More so than in the TV show – surprisingly.


2 responses to “Jamie in LA and Jamie in San Diego”

  1. luca comments:

    jamie alexander bellissima.farei di tutto x conoscerla!!!

  2. marta comments:

    ciao jaime sei fantastika..sei la mia attrice preferita..ti voglio davvero bn…stai benissimo cn matt dallas..xk nn vi mettere insieme??xdxd scs ma veroo..xdxd ciao baci ti voglio bn

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