iPhone Headset connector flaky

February 16th, 2008

Had a little drama with my iPhone this morning. As I wanted to make a call I couldn’t hear anything through it’s build-in speaker. Turning the speakerphone function on did work though. So when I tried playing with the volume buttons I noticed how the ‘headset’ moniker was displayed whenever I changed the volume. This indicates that I have a headset or headphones connected and thus mutes the built-in speaker.
Problem was: There was no headset connected!
It seems this is a well-known problem though. I barely was able to finish describing my problem to an Apple employee in the Palo Alto store when he said: ‘Oh give me your phone. I’ll fix it for you right now.’. Turns out, the headset connector get easily get dirty enough by just normal usage that it believes there is an existing headphone connection even if there is none. A simple blowing of compressed air solved the problem. Funnily enough, the store had a special ‘headphone socket cleaning kit’ behind the Genius bar for just this very issue.


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