Cancelled my Macbook Air order

January 25th, 2008

I’ve always been a fan of subnotebooks. I truly loved my Powerbook 12″ and can’t find anything negative to say about my age old Thinkpad X20 either. For me – those are real notebooks – not some 17″ behemoth with six speakers and 12lbs of weight.
So it comes as no surprise that I was first in line to order a Macbook Air, when Steve Jobs announced it at Macworld. I had a chance to play with it there and immediately fell in love with it.

So why did I do this then?
(this is before tax, with EPP discount)

Frankly, I love the idea of the machine and it truly is a beauty to look at. I’m pretty sure I’ll be first in line again to order when a newer, better revision comes out.
But right now, there are just so many compromises that needs to be made, where I just can’t see myself get an $1800+ luxury item like this. The thing is, I don’t have a ‘main’ personal computer right now. My trusty old Powerbook 15″ 1.67GHz is getting old and isn’t exactly a racehorse, whereas my Google-provided work laptop (15″ MBP 2.33Ghz C2D) is awesome. The thing is just: what should I get?
– another Macbook Pro? Why – I already have the very same thing (even if it’s not my personal machine)
– a Macbook? Maybe. If it just had the backlit keyboard, didn’t feel so cheap and the black color didn’t cost more (I really don’t like the white plastic).
– a Macbook Air? Seemed to be the most logical choice.
The thing is. The Macbook Air just ISN’T a proper main personal computer. It’s great if you just use it to check websites, email, IM or whatever else one does 95% of the time. The thing is: there is this 5% which just renders the machine useless.
For once, I have wayyyy more than 80GB of data. And no way I slice or dice it, it just wouldn’t work to put stuff on Timecapsule (another $499 extra!) or constantly move data back and forth between stationary backup drives and the portable computer. Not fun.
And the fact that I can’t even fit my Sprint U727 EVDO adapter without using a big ugly cable and holder totally tipped me over. The Macbook Air is made for being always connected and without 3G built-in, it just isn’t.
Now I just wonder if I should hold out for an iMac 24″ revision or get a black Macbook and put a 320Gig HD in (with the 4gigs of RAM I have lying around). Besides being 2 lbs heavier and a good deal thicker, it funnily is the SAME SIZE as the Macbook Air.


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