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I would like to wish you all the very best this holiday season and a successful and happy 2009!


Danny Boy:

Chinese woman fights tow truck

December 10th, 2008

Go girl!

WOW! That’s all that comes to mind when I saw Youtube messing with embedded videos today. All videos have seemingly been getting a really really oh and did I mention REALLY badly designed Search bar on top of it.

So now I had to go through every single embedded Youtube video on this blog and add the &showsearch=0 parameter. Thanks Youtube for messing with an experience that has been fine for years. Why not make the search bar blend in after viewing a video?
I wonder if they are THAT desperate to increase their search numbers now. Why would anyone want to search for a video on an embedded player before (or even instead of) watching the embedded video they came to see in the first place!? Beats me. But hey – what do I know…

Anyways fellow bloggers – here is how to get rid of it.

Update: Dec 5th – apparently they must have fired the useless designer & PM or something and now replaced the search bar with a more black/gray (instead of pale blue) and not-as-invasive one that only blends in when you mouse over the video. I still don’t see the point of searching instead of viewing the movie you intended to see in the first place, but at least now it’s not as annoying.

Bok bok bok booook

November 30th, 2008

MySpace for BlackBerry out now

November 22nd, 2008

I am happy to announce that Myspace for BlackBerry has been out for about a week now and the numbers are staggering. The MySpace launch has been the biggest one in RIM’s history. Since the launch on November 13, the application has been downloaded more than 400,000 times, which represents an all-time high for both MySpace and RIM in terms of first week application downloads.

Since then BlackBerry users sent and received more than 15 million messages and updated their mood and status settings via MySpace over 2 million times in the first week.

Go get it while it’s hot at http://www.myspace.com/blackberry


Useless. Really useless. Whoever followed my previous posts about getting Cable or DSL Internet at various places throughout California (Mountain View, San Mateo, Los Angeles, Santa Monica) knows that the US is nearly dead-last when it comes to providing quality of service for connecting to the intertubes. With the exception of Comcast in San Mateo, I NEVER had speedy or properly working service (which includes Comcast in Mountain View).
Strange how my mom has been getting a reliable (!) 16Mbit ADSL2+ connection in our little village in the middle of nowhere on the German-French border for more than 5 years now…

Here is my latest futile attempt to get online:

Time Warner Cable
Price point: $57.95 per month + $20 sign-up cost. Useless. Completely useless. Alleged connection speed: 10 MBit/sec. It’s Sunday morning. There is barely anyone else online.

I’m a big fan of our iPhone applications. Yet one of the things that I saw quite a bit of improvement potential on was photo viewing on our iPhone application. Photo viewing is one of the most requested and most used features on mobile phones and social networks.

Today I am proud to announce that our new fullscreen photo viewer launched on iPhone.
– Switch from picture to picture with the swipe of your finger
– Add comments, view and edit captions or change your profile picture
– Turn your phone around to change from landscape to portrait viewing


Congratulations go to Mr. Obama, 44th President-Elect of the United States of America. Watching the election results on Tuesday night were an interesting mix of suspense and non-suspense. On one hand the enthusiasm for Obama as well as the disappointment with the Bush administration were so strong that few people doubted how the elections would turn out. On the other hand the 2000 and 2004 elections showed everyone that results can end up being surprising.
The world-wide echo has been huge throughout the whole election cycle and culminated with congratulations around the world:

Yes I can see this being true… 😉

The launches keep on coming. I am proud to announce that we now support uploading your mobile photos to your MySpace account by sending a simple eMail to MySpace.
Once you have set up your account on www.myspace.com (go to My Account -> Mobile) and choose your own PIN. A special email address will be generated for you. Just save this eMail address in your Address Book and off you go. Anytime you send a picture via eMail/MMS to this unique address, it will be added to your MySpace account. Your email subject will become the picture caption.