Okay, so Leopard officially sucks

December 12th, 2007

I’ve had lots of operating system upgrades in my past. Back when I was a technical beta tester for Microsoft, I basically installed OS updates every few weeks. And kudos to MS, most of the (beta!) builds were really really well put together. Sadly often better than the gold master.With my Macs I only run release versions. Starting with OS X 10.2, the upgrades were smooth. 10.2 -> 10.3: Awesome!. 10.3 -> 10.4: Great!10.4 -> 10.5: Oh my :(10.5 runs nicely until, god-forbid, I try to use my Apple TV and stream anything to it. After a minute or two my Mac completely freezes. I can still click on dock icons, but they don’t do anything. Neither can I switch nor kills apps. iTunes completely breaks down. So even with 10.5.1 now, I have a hot 46″ TV, but no programming to watch (I get all my shows off of iTunes). VPN to Google doesn’t work either. So, no more quick fixes of docs in the evening (I guess this can be seen as good or bad. But still! I wanna have a choice!). That combined with the fact that Leopard added no functionality I needed, except maybe quick view, leads me to say: this is a bad one Apple. Fix it. And fix it fast. Let’s hope Macworld will bring us joy – and 10.5.2

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