Okay okay. Let me first say, I was a bit… shall we say.. skeptical about the iPhone before it came out.
And if you look at a pure feature-by-feature comparison with say, a Nokia N95 – the iPhone does not stand a chance. Where’s the 3G, where’s the GPS, where’s the 5MP camera, where’s the user-expandable memory, where are user-installable apps?
But the interesting thing is: That isn’t the point.
The user interface and speed together with the slickness of the device gives you pure joy day in and day out. In fact I loooove browsing the web on the iPhone when I’m hanging out at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, sipping a yummy dry Cappuccino. Apple was able to take the WebKit developments that made Nokia’s S60v3 great and added performance and awesome usability on top of it. The touch screen interface with zooming is just beyond believable.
Now, the as with every relationship – this one is a bit of a shaky one sometime:
– Switching between WiFi and EDGE can make you drop connections, which becomes a real problem with the built-in (and otherwise beyond awesome) eMail client. In fact I have to reset the device to have the email app running after a connection change or drop.
– Battery-life is ho-hum, especially when you’re constantly using the device
– I really really really would love to be able to install ARM-compiled Cocoa apps. Apple please do. Seriously.
– I need AIM/Y!/MSN/GoogleTalk on it. Now. JiveTalk is nice for now, but really – we need native apps to make IM wonderful.

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