The day has come…

June 29th, 2007

Apple Store Burlingame.. Burlingame here I come!
Tomorrow, me and a group of friendly coworkers will do our best for the team and be standing in line, like thousands of other Americans and be trying to buy an iPhone. Actually I have to buy two. One for me and one for a coworker of mine, who was nice enough to cover an interview for me, but only if I get him an iPhone. Why do I think he’s getting the better end of the deal? hm…
Anyways, after a little bit of thinking about location (at&t stores? naaa… boring, Apple Store Palo Alto? naaa… the lines would be insane, because Steve J might show up, San Fran? same story…). So finally we decided on visiting one of the lesser frequented stores in the Bay Area, namely the Burlingame one. Let’s hope there won’t be 100s of people already ahead of us, when we’re meeting there at 11am tomorrow.
I am thinking of doing live blogging from there and send out photos updates during the day. So, stay tuned for more!

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