Look what I saw…

May 15th, 2007

Driving down on 101 South (near the University Avenue exit in Palo Alto) a cute little billboard sign from our colleagues of Yahoo! awaits you.

Yahoo billboard

I’m wondering who they actually try to reach with this. The billboard is placed against traffic on the leftmost side of an 8-lane grade seperated highway and partially obstructed by bushes and poles, but hey – whatever spreads the mobile word is good for everyone, I think.

I won’t actually comment on the accuracy of their billboard statement. I’ll just quote Wired:
Yahoo jumps ahead of Google on mobile phone search [Reuters]
Cleverly phrased to sound like a market share story, it isn’t. It’s just one of those weird “news” stories that takes a jolly, light-hearted editorial tone, like a sports report, because the writer knows he’s just writing a fluffy marketing piece. Here, it’s about a new search app for mobiles, with which Yahoo vaults ahead of Google by delivering relevant answers, after making strides in recent months. Yahoo’s service serves up a list of actual information and flickr images (surely the only kind!). That the whole thing plasters your phone with ads is left to the penultimate graf.

PS: Too bad that the 3/20/07 quote is also a week before Google launched the new Google mobile search experience…

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  1. Holger comments:

    Ulf, what’s wrong this? It’s true… 🙂

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