Blackberry 8800

February 21st, 2007

Another day – another phone… ? So why even mention the Blackberry 8800?

Because it IS corporate America’s toy of 2007. RIM is really on a roll here and no matter what other companies are doing feature or design-wise (Nokia E90, Apple iPhone…), RIM is hard to beat when it comes to easy IT deployment and manager-appeal.

So what’s new about it?

– It’s slicker and thinner. About 25% thinner than the older 8700 and finally up to par with the competition (re: Nokia E61)

– It’s got GPS built in. While not being a first – especially for CDMA – still only few GSM devices rock GPS. I can totally see people use this as an el chepo navigaton system in their leased BMWs and Consultants in their rental cars.

– The Pearl-esque ball is so much easier to use than the scroll wheel before. I know I know, many will disagree with this, but the addition of horizontal scrolling (as opposed to the old Blackberry-approach of only scrolling vertically) does open up new opportunities (all I say is… Google Maps…)

More about the Blackberry to come later. I’ll be attending the new AT&Ts and RIMs BB 8800 Launch party up in San Francisco tomorrow night – so let’s see what else they say to praise their new toy…

– Party in the city was packed! I’m sure there were 150+ people, all waiting to see and get their new BB toy. Thankfully I got one too 😉
– The food sucked.

About the device
– it’s a great form factor and the dark blue, black color is very attractive with the chrome sides
– the UI is fast, especially compared to my … yawn… Series 60 v3 UI on my Nokia E61
– Data applications work beautifully. It’s so great to run Gmail and Google Maps without having to click on ‘Do you want to grant data access?’ and ‘Please choose your data bearer’ each and every time I run an app

– The device just doesn’t work perfectly. I lose data connectivity for no reason and then neither emails nor other data gets pushed. Maybe it has something to do with me being on TMUSA instead of Cingular, but still – it’s pretty unacceptable having to reboot the device to get data again
– Where are my missed calls/outgoing calls etc?
– GPS works beautifully. When it works. Problem is: Like data – it doesn’t work consistently.

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