Only once I had tears in my eyes when I saw a technological achievement of the past retire: On October 24th, 2003 – Concorde flew for the very last time. On 1/27/07 I saw it fit to have us remember 27 years of supersonic flight and raise the hopes that we as a civilization can work on continuing to achieve great things. Here’s to hope that in our lifetime we’ll see something as great as Concorde in the skies again.

And to show that beauty can be timeless:

See Concorde at Heathrow on Google Maps

One response to “Concorde – one of mankind’s greatest achievements in the 20th century”

  1. Cihan Baran comments:

    “It has been suggested that Concorde was not cancelled for the reasons usually given, and that the airlines discovered during the grounding that Concorde’s first class passengers were loyal to the airlines and carrying them on subsonic aircraft gave greater revenue and that this was the real reason for the withdrawal from service.” – Wikipedia

    The ugly head of capitalism…

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