GmailMy first big launch at Google happened today!

No, I didn’t launch it just by myself. I most certainly didn’t develop it, nor did I even market it alone either – but there is still pride in a task accomplished well and doing my part in making it happen. My congrats go to the whole Gmail and Google Mobile teams who made the release possible. It was a considerable cross-functional team effort and a long time coming and we’re all happy to have it out for our users starting today.
So – what makes Gmail on your mobile phone so cool now?

The new Gmail for mobile devices application is incredibly fast:

  • Gmail users are a simple click away from reading, replying, archiving and searching through emails. Instead of having to go through a mobile web browser and typing on a numeric keypad, Google for mobile devices, once installed, can be found in your phone’s ‘Application’ menu and be started with a simple click.
  • Opening Gmail messages is faster than before. Thanks to Gmail for mobile device’s prefetching technology, opening an email on your mobile phone is nearly instantaneous.
  • It reduces keyboard input and scrolling. Search through your contact list simply by inputting the first few characters of your contact. Reply to email instantaneously with easy to use menu access: no need to scroll around anymore.
  • You can search through your complete Gmail archive in seconds by simply invoking the search menu option and typing a search query.

Try it out yourself! Check out our Google Mobile pages to get more info on how to download the client to your phone.

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